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Precision Transfer Punches


Induction hardened and tempered to RC 61-63 approximately 1-1/2” from point. Punches are undersized as follows: 1 m/m to #40 - .002 undersize, 2.5 m/m to 17/32” - .0025 undersize, 35/64” to 2” - .003 undersize. Tolerance plus or minus .0005. Single sizes available up to 2”.

Set no. 3-17
28 precision-made punches - 4-7/8” long with indexed stand. Sizes 3/32” to 1/2” by 1/64”. Plus handy 17/32” size.  Finest tool steel, carefully heat treated.

Set No. 25
Spellmaco metric size transfer punch set No. 25 is for the machine shop tooling up for metric. Set of 25 precision punches in the most popular metric sizes 1.0 MM through 13.0 by .5 MM

Set No. A-Z
This 26-piece punch set features letter sizes A through Z. All punches precision crafted of the finest tool steel. Heat treated and tempered for years of machine shop service. Punches are 4-7/8” long with rugged index stand.

Set No. 33
A ‘super’ 33-piece set, sizes 1/2” through 1” by 64ths. This larger, complete set provides a total matched set of transfer punches that satisfies most shop requirements. Heat treated and tempered.

Set No. 1-60

Spellmaco’s 60 piece wire gauge transfer punch set, sizes 1 through 60. This precision, matched set gives your shop a complete set of wire gauge sizes, packed in a handy index stand. Punches are 4-7/8” long.

Set No. 25A Metric
Sizes 13 MM through 25 MM by .5 MM Heat treated and tempered for years of service. Packaged in a rugged index stand.

Fractional Sizes: (dia. inches) Letter Sizes: Wire Gauge Sizes: Metric Sizes:
Ranges from 1/16" through 1" by 64ths and 1-1/32" through 2" by 16ths. Ranges from A through Z.  Ranges from 1 through 60. Ranges from 1.0 mm through
26.0 mm by 0.5 mm.

Other sizes available by special order. Available individually.