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Blind-Hole "Spotters"


“A fast easy way to locate opposite centers”

When holes do not extend through material - (such as holes for dowel pins, perforating punches, etc.) Spellmaco blind-hole spotters get the job done simply. Correct size "spotter" can be used in threaded, drilled or reamed holes.
Packaged six of one size in plastic tube.

Fractional Sizes: (dia. inches) Letter Sizes: Wire Gauge Sizes: Metric Sizes:
Ranges from 1/8" through 1" by 32nds Available in F, I, and Q Available in wire gauge numbers:
3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 16, 20, 21, 25, 29 and 30
Ranges from 3.0 mm - 25.0 mm by 0.5 mm
Blind-Hole Spotter Sets

Set #18
A complete 108 piece set of 18 popular sizes of blind-hole spotters in a sturdy steel storage case. Six of each size packed in a plastic tube. 1/8” through 21/32” by 32nds. Convenient storage rack enables quick identification and use

Set #11
This Spellmaco set features eleven sizes (11/16” through 1” by 32nds). The set contains 66 spotters that are packed six of one size to a tube. Convenient storage rack enables quick identification and use.