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In 1958, consisting of two used automatic screw machines and one old surface grinder, the R.L. Spellman Mfg. Company had its spartan beginning on the second floor of an antiquated downtown Urbana, Ohio building.

The primary product of the firm was a precision made transfer punch and it continues to be a mainstay of The Spellman Company nearly a half century later.

Robert L. Spellman, Sr. founded the company on one basic principle... QUALITY. To this day, all Spellmaco brand products are the best products available on the market because they are made of the finest American tool steel.

Since 1958, The Spellman Company has grown from two automatic screw machines, one product and $25,000 in sales to twenty-four automatic screw machines, two CNC lathes and many other high-tech pieces of equipment necessary in producing a precision finished product. Spellman is now a multi-product company, offering in addition to transfer punch sets a full line of split-type adapter bushings, with sales of over $1.5 million dollars. The R.L. Spellman Mfg. Company will soon be ISO 9000 qualified and EDI compliant.